Darwin Perennials

Walter Blom Plants BV is the official European distributor of Darwin Perennials unrooted cuttings. Click here to see the complete range of perennial varieties from Darwin Perennials.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for varieties that are not listed.


Perennials with the very best start in life

Darwin Perennials  is one of the horticulture industry’s leading sources for perennial starter material.  Healthy, vigorous, quick-rooting cuttings originate at this renowned company’s stock production facility in Colombia. With its mild climate and advantageous uniform day length, this location near the equator offers improved growing conditions for perennial stock plants compared to most bedding plant producers.


High quality performance


Darwin Perennials has established harvesting standards for best performance based on each variety’s needs. Harvesting and quality control standards provide uniform, high quality unrooted cuttings that offer:

         Vigorous, quick-rooting starter material

         Higher yields (fewer losses) and more uniform finished crops

         Better quality finished crops with quicker crop production



Cuttings are taken from stock plants, pre-cooled, boxed and put into the cooler within 30 minutes for peak freshness. Shipping is direct to your nearest international airport.



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